Jake Scotts, Kestrel Investment Partner 

"I have been seeing Melissa for about a year now and she has made such a difference to me. I have a long-standing back issue and without a doubt her massages have made it easier for me to work out and to relieve the pain in general. I feel very lucky to have found someone who has a good understanding of physio and how massage can work in tandem with other rehab strategies. She also gives really helpful advice about exercise and is always really cheery and a joy to talk to!"

Mark Ward 

Mark Ward 

Mark Ward, ITV Senior Sales Manager

“ Melissa is a brilliant physio who has helped me over a few years now. Initially I had a painful problem with my hip and couldn’t walk without being in great pain. During that one visit, she was able to identify that my hips were out of alignment and after doing some joint manipulation and deep tissue release, I had great relief and was able to walk again. Since then, I have not had any problems with my hip. 

Another time, a torn calf muscle was worked on and it healed so much quicker due to the magic Melissa did on it for me. I see Melissa not just for a specific problem but also for general maintenance physio or maybe for a sports massage. I always feel so much better every time as I  can walk and general move much freer plus I  feel a huge overall benefit.

I have also done a couple of training sessions with Melissa which were well thought out and I still do them now just to keep everything ticking over. 

Melissa has a cheerful disposition and always very friendly and helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable about how  the human body works. So, if you are in  need of a physio for a particular problem or just for sports massage and/or maintenance, look no further. She is brilliant at her job, quickly identifies any problem and sorts them out. Hence, making you feel so much better and imparts great advice on overall health and fitness. I am already looking forward to my next session and the benefit I will get from it."

Karina Cornwell

Karina Cornwell

Karina Cornwell, Assistant to the Headteacher

"I first went to Melissa just for a sports massage in the gym. I'd had problems with my knees for as long as I could remember but had just got used to it. After mentioning this briefly during the massage It took her one session to explain to me why they were hurting and what to do about it. I was fixed within a week and she promptly put herself out of a job!

A few years later I had a hip flexer injury and after  six months, two physiotherapists and a doctor failed to help I went to see Melissa again. It took her three sessions and I was back to normal with no lasting effects. I love that she is experienced in so may different areas from personal training, physio, massage and acupuncture she really understands the body and I trust her completely with everything she does.

I would now never go to anyone else with my stresses, muscle strains or injuries. She's a genius! "