Ray Gold 

Ray Gold 

Ray Gold, Charted Engineer - RGD Engineering

'If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer with a detailed knowledge of the human physiology, able to apply targeted physio therapy with the ability to get the best out of you whilst expanding your horizons to meet your aspirations you need look no further than Melissa Tran.

I contacted Melissa, by recommendation, when my efforts at physical training to recover from a total hip replacement was constantly thwarted by injury and set back. Melissa listened to the challenges I was facing and created a bespoke physical training regime, supported by physio, designed to take me through my recovery from my hip replacement to regain a high level of physical activity.

Melissa sets a sympathetic programme of training to match your progress and effort during each session. I can’t say that it's easy, I never imagined training without weights and equipment could be so challenging, but with the guidance of Melissa, progress is assured. I’m looking forward to return to a high level of activity, fitness and enjoyment of exercise, I’ll keep you updated.'


Emma Satyamurti - Solicitor

'I can honestly say that I regard Melissa as something of a miracle-worker. When we started work together, I assumed that my disabilities would define and limit what we could do. While to some extent that is inevitable given my particular physiology, I have been amazed at the changes that have occurred even in just a few months (and, it must be said, without an enormously diligent attitude to homework!) I have gained a feeling of optimism about what is possible and am already enjoying a marked change in core strength and balance. The sessions are also fun and  interesting - Melissa is a really lovely and down to earth person who makes you feel at ease, and her knowledge about how the body works provides a really fascinating dimension to the training and specific exercises. I really can't recommend Melissa highly enough.'  

Victoria James - TV director and writer

'I came to Melissa after a back injury coupled with months of excessive desk-work. When it took me 15 minutes to get out of bed one day, I knew I needed professional help. In just four intensive sessions, Melissa got me back to functionality without painkillers. She also instilled much sound advice that has helped me continue to improve, and has inspired me to establish a regular exercise regime. She’s sympathetic, clear and extremely effective, and I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.'