Personal Training

 Personal training should encompass not only achieving your fitness goals, but allowing you to ascertain them with complete avoidance of injuries or further aggravations to any existing conditions or problems. This requires knowledge and expertise, which Melissa has acquired through a combination of physiotherapy and personal training background, as well as long term experience, working in rehabilitation with people of various health, medical conditions and fitness background, including those recovering from post injuries, surgery and pregnancy, to athletes on the extreme end of fitness.

Training can be conducted in various venues including at your office, home or local parks based around WC1, WC2, South East London and Kent. 

How can I help your training?

  • Post Injury Rehabilitation
  • Post Respiratory or Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  • Pre/Post Natal Training
  • Weight Management
  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Advice 
  • Enhancing Muscular Strength / Endurance
  • Improving Cardiovascular Fitness for Heart Health or Goals Specific
  • Flexibility/Mobility Exercises to improve Functional Joint Range
  • Sports Specific Performance
  • Postural Corrective Exercise
  • Gait Correction