Paul Bedford, Retired Solicitor

"I am a retired solicitor approaching my 60th birthday. I was very concerned about maintaining a reasonable level of fitness and avoiding becoming sluggish. Melissa has helped me enormously. She asks a lot of questions and so my training programme is tailored to my needs and takes account of any problem areas. At the end of each session I feel that I have been challenged, but not in an excessive way.

Melissa has also given me physiotherapy treatment for various problems, including pain and loss of mobility in one of my shoulders, which is now fully back to normal."

Lynn MacRitchie, Artist & Writer, London

"I am a long standing client of Melissa.  Over the years she has treated me for the effects of an old knee injury.  Her patience, intelligence and expertise have enabled me to learn to manage what could have been a debilitating condition which continues to improve under her guidance as part of a personal training programme which both meets my needs and exceeds my expectations.  Melissa is generous with her time and thoughtful in her approach, and bases her treatment and training on a depth of knowledge which brings great benefits to grateful clients like myself!" 

Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham, MD Borne Resourcing

“I’m training for my first ever Marathon in April, and I went to see Melissa with knee and ankle issues, which were affecting my ability to train properly. Melissa is very much a 1-stop shop, and has helped me improve my endurance, speed and technique significantly with the sports massages, physio and advice on strength training. I’m now running more efficiently and effectively through the sessions with her and am confident that I can now remain injury-free before the big day and hopefully break 4 hours!”