Aidan Vaughan, BSc (Hons) ACII FCSI APFS IMC, Chartered Financial Planner Managing Director

"Melissa Tran is a superb physio able to treat the odd middle aged wannabe like me!
In Dec 2015 I was knocked off my bicycle and had an enormous bruise on my left thigh. Aside from treatment for that painful bruise, Mel diagnosed an acutely lazy body core from too many years sitting at a desk! I really appreciated her holistically looking at a person's needs which might be posture, how you walk or run etc. All solved by a diet of exercises and a program of massages. In April this year I completed the London marathon in less than 5 hours -with a bit of help from Mel for a previous day massage on a troublesome calf. I am also now Vitality Gold status... wow!!"

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Alex Pascall, Film Editor

"I have known Melissa as a physio for ten years now. She has treated me for a serious shoulder sports injury. On several occasions she has helped me when I have been in excruciating pain with my back and my neck, without Melissa I would not have been able to return to work within a day. She has also helped me with various exercises programmes when needed to help my recovery, as well as helping with my rehabilitation for my ruptured Achilles.

I have recommended her to countless friend. She has treated my mother through her first knee replacement and my father with a debilitating shoulder injury. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable, professional and very experienced. I can’t recommend her highly enough."


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Linsey Wynton, TV Producer

"Melissa Tran is a fantastic physio who has helped me with back problems that I have had over the last ten years. My problems are partly postural, as I have a long back, and partly caused by life experiences. When I first met Melissa I was working in TV and during this time I either spent long hours sitting at a desk or long days out and about, carrying heavy equipment. 
Six years ago, I had my first child and four years ago I had twins. As a result I suffered further back problems because carrying two babies/ toddlers up stairs, in car seats and pushing them in a pushchair as they get heavier is tough.  
Over this time Melissa has give me a range of treatments including deep tissue massage, determining trigger points and easing pain in these areas as well as a programme of exercises that I can do myself. She has helped me correct my sitting, standing and walking posture also. 
I cannot recommend her enough. She is so professional and a really lovely person. These days I can generally manage my back pain myself thanks to her. But I have recommended her to friends and family who have also sung her praises. "