Nilesh Mehta, Legal Accountant

"I am an accountant by profession working in the west end of a legal practice. 
I was somewhat sceptical given that I had already been through numerous physiotherapist, and other specialist who thought they could cure my long standing ailments when my work colleague told me to go and see Melissa. I suppose I went out of obligation and not wishing to let him down. I was not expecting my treatment to be any different to the others I had already seen.
 Well I am now so glad I actually went to see Melissa. She was totally different. In my first appointment she spent only ten minutes diagnosing the problem and went straight to work on the areas affected. I left that session and the following 9 feeling positive and feeling the change to my body. 
She successfully highlighted the issues and gave me exercises that I now follow vigorously which have totally transformed my life both mentally and physically. She really is not out to make money by making you have unnecessary sessions, indeed with me she actually would not allow me to book anymore until I had stuck to my set of the bargain and followed the exercise and stretching regime she had set me. I would no hesitation in recommending Melissa to anyone."

Eleanor Kifun, Fitness Instructor

"I have been doing sports from the age of 5, training in gymnastics and figure skating to a national level to then going on to become a group fitness instructor for the internationally leading company Les Mills. Suffice to say I put my body under a lot pressure daily, teaching up to 20 classes a week. I have seen a number of sports therapists but struggled to find someone to suit my needs until I met Melissa. She helps me through injuries getting me back on track quickly as well as alleviating pain from tired and tense muscles. I've been seeing her for two years now and from the very first session I had with her and for every session that has followed I feel like she really listened to my needs and could fine tune my body, not only taking care of the obvious issues but working out all of the little niggles as well. Melissa keeps me in check and able bodied, I don't know what I'd do without her."

Rosie Vaughan, Lecturer

"I have been seeing Melissa for about a year now and she has made such a difference to me. I have a long-standing back issue and without a doubt her massages have made it easier for me to work out and to relieve the pain in general. I feel very lucky to have found someone who has a good understanding of physio and how massage can work in tandem with other rehab strategies. She also gives really helpful advice about exercise and is always really cheery and a joy to talk to!"